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Caring & Passionate Savannah Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney Chadrick Mance was born and raised in Toccoa, Georgia. Having grown up in the area, he has a deep personal connection to the community and is fully dedicated to doing everything in his power to help the people who live here. As a personal injury attorney in Georgia, he has already been recognized with awards and honors for his work. He firmly believes that no matter who you are or where you are from, you are entitled to diligent, competent, and responsive representation that is tailored to your needs.

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    Mance With K. Maxwell & Family | Mance Law Sponsorship of BBQ Cook-Off

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    Attorney Mance Sworn-In as 3rd VP of Savannah NAACP | NAACP

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    Attorney Mance Gives Speech on Tybee Island Commemorating Juneteenth, Freedom Day for Slaves | Tybee MLK Speech

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    Future Minds Fashion show | Mance Law's Sponsorship of Savannah Fashion Show

Going the Extra Mile for His Clients

The Mance Law Firm is ready to go the extra mile for any client.

Why choose The Mance Law Firm to guide you through your case?

Empowerment for the Community

Attorney Mance is a trailblazer. At every level of his educational and professional development, he has broken records. In college, he won the student body presidency of Morehouse College by one of the largest landslides in history. In law school, his trial team won the largest trial advocacy invitational in America in 2011. Fresh out of law school, he became the 2nd African American Attorney to practice in his hometown since Reconstruction. He was also selected as president of the oldest African American Bar Association in Savannah.

Unlike most firms in the area, he fully understand the value of his clients, who are primarily blue collar workers in the African American community. The firm's founder comes from a working class black family, and so he shares much with his clients. The common goal at the Mance Law Firm is to use community service to empower and educate the community regarding personal injury law.

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